Is your brain about to explode? Or your mental capacities on overload? Is this shut in getting to you? And the Kids?  Today we are sharing some Physical Brain Breaks, Breathing Brian Breaks, & Mental Brain Breaks to create some more ease at home. 


*Physical Brain Breaks- Move your body!!!  


*Breathing Brain Breaks- BREATHE!  Focus and BREATHE.


*Mental Brain Breaks- Change your mental focus.  From something hard to easy, or visa versa. 


These kinds of breaks affect you mentally and physiologically.  They make this crazy time with online home schooling and working from home just a little bit better!

The Misfit Squad Podcast will invite you to a Spectrum of Possibilities of acknowledging the Power of Not Fitting In.  It’s about embracing what is strong about you, not what is wrong about you. We will share tips, tools & techniques to make your body your buddy, blasting out limiting thoughts, your anxiety, fears, sensations of being overwhelmed & misunderstood so that you can use your awareness for you, get empowered and feel amazing! 


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