Connect with the Earth...Your Body....The Universe...Your Awareness on The Misfit Squad Podcast with Kim Lucien & Trina Rice #120

These sure are crazy times we are currently living in....The people in the world are overwhelmingly afraid....the fear being experienced by so many people, is kind of intense, to say the last, for people like you who are 'sensitive', to those of us who are so very aware, it can be so much it is just overwhelming.

This show is a simple guided meditation to reconnect with the planet, your being, your body, your awareness, and to get present for what is real and true for you.  A chance to just take a few minutes and remind you who you are, take a break from the madness, breathe, reset and then carry on.

We hope you enjoy it, we hope it provides you with some more ease...and please, remember, YOU ARE AWARE, most of what you are experiencing that seems so very, very real, is not yours, it is your awareness of other peoples thoughts feelings and emotions.  Simply acknowledge it is not yours, and return it to sender with love and consciousness attached.


The Misfit Squad Podcast will invite you to a Spectrum of Possibilities of acknowledging the Power of Not Fitting In.  It’s about embracing what is strong about you, not what is wrong about you. We will share tips, tools & techniques to make your body your buddy, blasting out limiting thoughts, your anxiety, fears, sensations of being overwhelmed & misunderstood so that you can use your awareness for you, get empowered and feel amazing! 


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