Jack’s Jam #2 


Jack is an amazing, kind, intelligent & inspirational 24 year old who has a wonder, curiosity & a willingness to show up differently that allows others to begin to see the greatness of themselves, if they allow it.  Oh, and he has Autism and is non-verbal but does not let that define him.  He taught himself to read, recognizing letters & forming words. Over the years he has diligently worked on using Letter-boards and typing on his I-pad one letter, one key at a time.  His hands and fingers don’t always do what his brain wants them to do, so typing can be a tedious process at times.  However, Jack is patient & persistent.  As he has stated before, “I have a lot to say.” 

And here is one of his masterpieces, called, “Great Change”  that he wrote that is so fitting for this moment of time. Enjoy!



Great Change

We are here to change a lot.

To change meanness into kindness.

To change the stories about Earth.

Earth changes real fast.

Deal with the changes.

Great things are possible.

We are demanding great creation.

That we see the difference.

We need people to look at things greatly.

They need to look at things greatly.

They need to see vast.

Then it becomes easy to see the beauty of people. 

Not fake.

I am here to show people the beauty of them, 

And the greatness of the earth.

Then we could love a lot more.


Go be.


~Jack M.



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Thanks for Being You!! 

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