The Misfit Squad "What is Being on the Spectrum?" with Kim Lucien and Trina Rice Podcast #102

What is “Being on the Spectrum?”

Have you been labeled as “overly sensitive,” shy, or introverted?  Or maybe you have been called “weird” Or have people told you, you are  “On the Spectrum?”

 What does that even mean? On the Spectrum?

 It is a “neurological difference.”  It means it is a difference.  It is not a disease. It is not contagious. It is not something that is wrong.  It is just a different way of thinking and being. It’s like a different computer processor, like a Mac versus a PC.  The keys are a little different, the functions are a little bit different, however it all does the same thing...just slightly different.  

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It is a Spectrum of Possibilities!


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